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We had a great time - the apartment was perfect. We'd love to stay again - if you are ever asked for a reference when renting, please feel free to use us.
     R. L.

Trinity Street was a perfect place to start off my adventure from - we really enjoyed it. I'll be sure to reinforce to HR here what a good situation of rooming and ownership it is, in case future new arrivals are looking for something similar.
     A. M.

Thanks for all, I am really enjoying the place and will definitely be back (I will be sure to reserve months and months ahead of time)
     C. R.

I love this flat! Also my family has enjoyed this lovely flat and the views from the windows. I'll be back next summer to Oxford and this lovely, perfect flat!
     N. S.

I had an absolutely lovely time in Oxford, and thoroughly enjoyed the apartment. Nothing quite like waking up to the sounds of geese on the Thames - it's an experience I won't soon forget.
     S. S.
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